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  • Đĩa đồng mặt trống lưu niệm dk 23cm đế gỗ hộp đựng0

Đĩa đồng mặt trống lưu niệm dk 23cm đế gỗ hộp đựng

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iconcuahang HN: Số298  Hai Bà Trưng - TP Phúc Yên, Vĩnh Phúc.

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Đĩa đồng mặt trống lưu niệm dk 23cm đế gỗ hộp đựng

Ngọc Lũ Drum

The Ngọc Lũ drum is regarded as one of the most important and prominent artifacts  of the Đông Sơn culture of the Bronze Age, a civilisation that flourished around 2500 to 3000 years ago in the Red River Delta of Vietnam. The high level of importance placed on it by historians and archaeologists is due to its well preserved and richly decorated nature. The drums was accidentally discovered in 1893 in village of Ngọc Lũ in Hà Nam Province, southeast of Hanoi
The drum tympanum bears three concentric panels, the centre is shining sun. The innermost panel is decorated with pictures of humans performing a ritual with the drums. Other musical instruments, rice growing and have harvesting activities are also shown. The two outer panel  are decorated with deer, hornbills and crane egrets.
Those symbols apparently depict a festival or ritual of some kind, with musicians appearing to be part of a parade. There are also plumed warriors in a procession as well as several female figures inside the house.
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Đĩa đồng mặt trống đồng dk 23cm khắc họa tiết tinh xảo,sắc nét

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